Bankruptcy Lawyers in South Jersey
Bankruptcy Attorneys in South Jersey

What is bankruptcy & why should you consider it? Let Lee Abt, Esquire, help you with your Bankruptcy and Debt Relief & Consolidation Needs in South Jersey. He has been providing affordable bankruptcy solutions to the people of South Jersey for over 30 years.

Lee can be your source for a road to debt relief! Change your life for the better. Please call us today at 856-914-5100.


  • Bankruptcy does NOT = Failure
  • Bankruptcy does NOT = Bad person or deadbeat
  • Bankruptcy does NOT = No future credit
  • Bankruptcy does NOT = Ruining your credit score
  • Bankruptcy does NOT = What your family & friends may have told you
  • Bankruptcy does NOT = What some consolidators, credit card companies, and so-called "financial experts" spout

Those who are properly informed about bankruptcy know that:

  • Bankruptcy DOES = Relief from many debts
  • Bankruptcy DOES = The chance to rebuild your credit & your financial future
  • Bankruptcy DOES = The fresh start you deserve
  • Bankruptcy DOES provide the chance for a debt consolidation plan

If you are struggling to pay bills, bankruptcy can greatly help your financial situation. Our clients tell us that filing bankruptcy was the best financial decision they have made in a long time and that they only wished they had decided to file bankruptcy sooner! They tell us they have the peace of mind that they could not find while being harassed by bill collectors.

We get many referrals from past clients who send their family and friends to file bankruptcy through our office, knowing that we will take care of them. These valued clients of ours would not refer loved ones to us if bankruptcy hurt them. Our clients are also very appreciative of our warmth, understanding and guidance through this positive process. We care about each and every client. You are not just a number with us. Lee handles only bankruptcy cases, so he can give full attention to all of our clients and not be distracted by working on other legal matters.

Lee is an experienced bankruptcy attorney serving New Jersey. Call today!

Rebuild Your Credit and Get the Fresh Start You Deserve!

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