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Answers to Questions You May Have About Bankruptcy in South Jersey

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Most people do not think they qualify for bankruptcy relief. Or they think that all of their assets will be taken if they file a bankruptcy. This is not true. Many people think they will be shamed and that their case will be publicized. This is also not true. Most people are good and noble, fighting to pay their debts and get through hard financial times without help. However, the opportunity for help to a fresh start through a bankruptcy in South Jersey with the help of a professional South Jersey bankruptcy lawyer is there as part of the law, just as unemployment benefits are there to help good people when they lose their job.

Through all of the years of handling cases for the good citizens of South Jersey, Lee has found that almost everyone is relieved after a case is filed, and they often say that they wish they would have filed for bankruptcy relief much sooner than they did. As soon as you file the case with the help of your South Jersey bankruptcy attorney, that is how quickly your relief from debt can come. Also, that is how quickly you can begin to restore your credit. DO NOT DELAY. Take the proactive step of moving forward as soon as you can to file your bankruptcy case and obtain the fresh start that Congress calls for in the Bankruptcy Code. Hardships that cause a bankruptcy filing are varied, including job loss, high credit card interest rates, illness, divorce, high health care costs, caring for a parent, the failure of a business, the pandemic, having a child and not being able to continue working, the repossession of a vehicle, the loss of a home, or often some combination of more than one of these reasons. It's important to understand that there are helpful solutions for these problems, solutions that have always been available in one form or another through all civilized societies. The law office of Lee Abt, South Jersey bankruptcy attorney, can help.

When did bankruptcy begin?

Bankruptcy relief has been around for thousands of years. In fact, bankruptcy is mentioned in the Bible, in Deuteronomy 15: 1-2, summarized like this: At the end of every seven-year period you shall have a relaxation of debts, which shall be observed as follows. Every creditor shall relax his claim on what he has loaned his neighbor; he must not press his neighbor, his kinsman, because a relaxation in honor of the Lord has been proclaimed.

Answers to South Jersey Bankruptcy Questions | Lee Abt

Also, in the book of Leviticus, Moses announces God's decree that special years be set aside for the forgiveness of debt, freeing of slaves, and other measures to help society.

Debt is not a crime, despite how harshly some people in debt are mad at themselves for having debt.

In our modern version of the law, it is your right to obtain a discharge of most debts every 8 years. In addition, if it has not been 8 years since your bankruptcy discharge, you may easily qualify to discharge additional debt through a Chapter 13 payment plan that often can result in low monthly plan payments as you discharge significant amounts of debt in your second South Jersey bankruptcy case.

Is bankruptcy relief only available for those with no money and assets at all?

No. Many famous people who have significant assets and income have filed for bankruptcy relief: Abraham Lincoln, Buffalo Bill, Lawrence Taylor, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Tom Petty, Rembrandt, Tom Sizemore, Lorenzo Lamas, Jerry Lewis, Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, P.T. Barnum, John Barrymore, Bjorn Borg, Margaux Hemingway, Larry King, Henry Ford, William Fox of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, Francis Ford Coppola, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Wayne Newton, Natalie Cole, Walt Disney, Charles Goodyear of Goodyear Tire, Marvin Gaye, Mick Fleetwood, Milton Hershey of Hershey's Chocolate, Randy Quaid, and William McKinley (our 25th President).

These are just a few of the many famous people who have sought relief from the bankruptcy court. If the wealthy and famous need a helping hand and a safety net, then you can imagine how much the average American can be helped by the same relief! People struggling with high gas and food prices, layoffs, divorces, soaring inflation, high health insurance costs and crazy credit card rates can all benefit from bankruptcy protection.

Answers to South Jersey Bankruptcy Questions | Lee Abt

I am robbing Peter to pay Paul. I cannot get ahead. How do I stop this cycle?

People use the old phrase that they are "robbing Peter to pay Paul", and then they add that they are now forced to also rob Paul, and that poor Paul is running out of money and patience! Many suffer sleepless nights and anxiety worrying about how to pay mounting bills. The stress of "treading water" with these bills takes a heavy toll on finances, families, marriages and health.

Those who are properly informed about bankruptcy in South Jersey know it can:

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