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Lee Abt, Esquire is a Bankruptcy Lawyer providing Debt Relief, Debt Consolidation, Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and more in South Jersey & Central Jersey since 1995. Lee Abt was honored by South Jersey Magazine as one of South Jersey's best Bankruptcy Attorneys for 2007 without big law firm connections or publicity.

Lawrence L. "Lee" Abt III graduated from Lafayette College before earning his law degree from Rutgers University School of Law. Lee has concentrated his practice in consumer bankruptcy work, representing only the "good guy" debtors who need help and not the "bad guy" creditors trying to harass people who have financial problems. He has written and lectured on bankruptcy for the American Financial Services Association, the New Jersey Institute for continuing Legal Education, and the National Business Institute. Lee has represented thousands of bankruptcy debtors in bankruptcy cases filed under Chapters 7, 11, 12 & 13 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code. Lee is admitted to the bar in New Jersey, the United States District Court, the Third Circuit of the United States District Court, and the United States Supreme Court. Lee explains things in a down to earth, "non-lawyerly" way, can usually be found in jeans and work boots in his office, and always keeps his sense of humor.

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