Bankruptcy Lawyers in South Jersey
Bankruptcy Attorneys in South Jersey
Lee Abt, Affordable South Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney

Lee Abt, Esquire is a Bankruptcy Attorney serving South Jersey & Central Jersey. Located in Mount Laurel NJ 08054, we have been providing bankruptcy legal services since 1995.

We can help you wipe out your debt. We have low, reasonable fees and over 30 years of experience helping consumers just like you with bankruptcy issues... good people who have encountered hard times.

We know that the decision for filing bankruptcy is a difficult one for most people, but it should not be. Many people are stressed and anxious when they first call us, blaming themselves for their financial troubles. Do not stress! Many times there are bad things that happen to good people. In almost every instance we can help you with debt relief with a bankruptcy that will also help you quickly restore your credit.

Do not be embarrassed to call us to discuss your options when you are faced with debt, no matter how insurmountable those debts may seem. That is why we are here. We can help.

South Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney

Don't be discouraged by misleading advice about bankruptcy from TV or radio ads trying to steer you toward a poor debt consolidation plan, another bank loan, or making a "deal" with your creditors. Do not get discouraged by well-intentioned family or friends who always claim to know better on any subject, including bankruptcy. Many myths and falsehoods about bankruptcy are spread by creditors trying to discourage you from filing bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many friends and relatives pick up on these myths and innocently spread them around, hurting you and your chance to wipe out your debt if you choose to believe the falsehoods and not the truth about bankruptcy.

Do not let a fear of bankruptcy take over your life and push you into the trap set by consolidation companies selling poor debt consolidation plans. Filing bankruptcy helps millions of people each year attain debt relief, get back on their financial feet, and responsibly build new credit so that they can buy a car, a home and obtain new credit cards to use responsibly.


  • Stop foreclosure and allow you to save your home
  • Stop creditor harassment and wage garnishments
  • Stop bank levies on your accounts
  • Stop the repossession of your vehicle
  • Wipe out credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, and other debts while keeping your personal property
  • Wipe out insurance surcharges in NJ and allow the return of your driver's license (if your suspension is up and municipal fines are paid or are being paid in a payment plan)
  • Wipe out some IRS and NJ Tax debts. This is complex, but we will be happy to discuss whether you can wipe out certain tax debts.
  • Provide a debt consolidation plan to stop creditor harassment
Rebuild Your Credit and Get the Fresh Start You Deserve!

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