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Cherry Hill Bankruptcy


Years ago, in the late 60’s, Cherry Hill, New Jersey,  was a booming town. There was hardly a need for bankruptcy since the economy was doing so well and Cherry Hill had many  middle class families who worked and prospered. The housing market was always increasing and inflation was not an issue. But today, Cherry Hill is having the same problems every other town in America is facing. And that means that more people living in Cherry Hill are filing bankruptcy today than previous years.


The housing market has slipped in Cherry Hill, like all other towns,  and many people are losing their jobs. Many businesses are closing in Cherry Hill, which leaves households struggling to meet their bills. So many are turning to filing for Chapter 7 to wipe out debts or Chapter 13 to save their homes from foreclosure since they have fallen behind.


If you are searching for an experienced bankruptcy attorney with reasonable fees who services all of the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area, call Lee Abt today at 856-914-5100.


We will be happy to give you free information by phone about filing for bankruptcy so you know your options. We can qualify you to see if you would fit into the Chapter 7 category or the if the Chapter 13 would work out better for you.


Our office is right on the border of Cherry Hill,  off Kings Highway and Church Road. In fact, our lead paralegal grew up in Cherry Hill and knows how much times have changed for many Cherry Hill residents.


We know that many are fearful about even calling to find out about bankruptcy, but don’t be afraid. We make it easy to understand and will explain how filing for bankruptcy will not hurt your credit or hurt your future.


Call us today at 856-914-5100 if you are looking to find out more information about all the positive outcomes that bankruptcy can provide for you and you live in Cherry Hill New Jersey. We look forward to speaking with you!


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