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Burlington County Bankruptcy


Burlington County has been hit hard by the bad economy and therefore bankruptcies have increased greatly this year. Many houses in Burlington County  have been foreclosed on or people have been forced to sell their homes at a short sale. This means they owe their mortgage lender money even though the house was sold or foreclosed upon.


People are turning to filing bankruptcy to eliminate the debt they owe to these mortgage banks and to rebuild their credit.  People who file for bankruptcy can become homeowners if they choose to when real estate hits rock bottom or decide to rent for a while to get on their financial feet. And filing bankruptcy does not hurt their credit despite all the bad and misinformation you have heard!


Many jobs have been lost in Burlington County. Many small businesses have suffered and therefore have laid off many of their employees. People have had to live off their credit cards to survive. By filing for bankruptcy, we can either wipe out these debts in a Chapter 7 or if one does not qualify for a Chapter 7, we can put them in a repayment plan of a percentage of their debt in a Chapter 13.


Burlington County had one of the largest real estate growth spurts in the early 2000’s. There were so many new homes being built and it was difficult to purchase a home that went up for sale. This is because there were bidding wars back in the day.  But now, homes are just sitting. People have to give their homes away to get rid of them. And that leaves them with much debt. And a bad credit score.


So many people do  not consider bankruptcy as an option for their way out of debt because they do not know all the facts. They are afraid of bankruptcy and the name itself scares them. People are  afraid of all the myths they hear from television or radio ads promoting credit consolidation and putting down bankruptcy. Some are frightened away  simply by bad information  provided by uninformed friends or relatives who mean no harm. We try to provide the facts about bankruptcy on our site so that people drowning in debt can know how easy the process is and how much filing for bankruptcy can help them regain their financial lives back. We are happy to discuss your bankruptcy options so that you know the facts more than the myths.


If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney who services the entire Burlington County area who has 30 years experience and low fees, give Lee Abt a call at 856-914-5100. Our offices are located in Burlington County in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. 


We strive to make filing for bankruptcy an easy experience for you through our guidance, hard work and compassion for those suffering from debts. We understand your frustration and fear caused from mounting debts and know that once you learn the facts,  you will feel much better about bankruptcy as a great solution to get a fresh start.  We understand that you can no longer make things work between mortgages, credit card debt, utilities and food and gas. It is a difficult time for our country and Burlington County is not exempt from the hard times.  Call us today to find our your bankruptcy options!


The areas of Burlington County that we service are:


Bass River
East Hampton


Lumberton Mansfield
Maple Shade
Meford Lakes
Mt. Holly

Mt. Laurel
New Hanover

North Hanover



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