Bankruptcy Facts and Myths


Should you file Bankruptcy?

When should I consider filing for Bankruptcy?

What are the advantages of bankruptcy?

What are the disadvantages of bankruptcy?

Why not consolidate or use debt counseling rather than file for bankruptcy?

Is there a minimum amount of debt I need in order to file for bankruptcy?

If my house is in Foreclosure or about to go into Foreclosure and I have been waiting for a Modification which is taking forever, should I consider Bankruptcy instead in order to save my home? 

Bankruptcy and the Courts

Do I have to go to court?

Can the court deny my bankruptcy?

What about my Lifestyle after Bankruptcy?

Will I lose my house or cars if I file for bankruptcy?

Can I purchase a home or car after my bankruptcy discharge?

Will my friends, relatives and neighbors know I filed for bankruptcy?

Will my Creditors stop harassing me?

Will my name appear in the newspaper if I file for bankruptcy?

Are my retirement funds protected if I file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy and your Credit

How does bankruptcy affect my credit? 

Why do I hear on TV and radio that bankruptcy ruins my credit?

I heard bankruptcy stays on my credit report for 7 to 10 years? 

Why do my friends and family tell me NOT to file bankruptcy and that I will be denied credit for 7 - 10 years?

Can I work with someone to correct any credit report problems if they occur after filing bankruptcy?

How do I increase my credit score after bankruptcy?

Why does a credit score go up after bankruptcy rather than go down?

Does filing for bankruptcy help me in any way with student loans?

Can I wipe out my second or third mortgage or my home equity line?

Bankruptcy and the Law in New Jersey

How do the new laws affect Bankruptcy?

The laws for bankruptcy changed in 2005. Does that mean I can no longer file?

I Heard their was credit counseling now necessary due to the new laws.

Can I be fired for filing bankruptcy?

Can I still file if I have a judgment against me or a bank levy or wage garnishment?

What are the exemption limits for other things I own like my home or car?

About the Process

Does my spouse have to file along with me?

Do I have to include all my credit cards in my bankruptcy?

What is a Bankruptcy Discharge and how long do I have to wait for it?

What debts are not dischargeable?

What is a Trustee?

What are Arrearages?

If I have to file a Chapter 13 do I have to pay all of my unsecured debts back?

What is a charge-off and why can’t I wait it out instead of filing for bankruptcy?

Do you have payment plans since if I need to file for bankruptcy, I do not have a lot of money?

Other Bankruptcy Information

Am I a bad person for filing bankruptcy?

Why do so many attorney ads say “Fresh Start” and what does it really mean?

Why do I see so many advertisements telling me not to file for bankruptcy?

Why do my friends and family try to talk me out of bankruptcy once I tell them I Am considering filing? 

Why do I read scary information about bankruptcy on the internet and some bankruptcy attorney’s websites?


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